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Writing has always been

a passion of mine.

I started writing almost two years ago

when I opened my Instagram Account

and posted a few short poems.

Even my words were too dark,

People still liked my poems a lot.

Since then,

I’ve never looked back

and have been improving

my writing techniques

and developing a unique literary style.

I don't write by reading books

or other poet's works

All I need just to think about her,

the way she smiled

the way she laughed

the way she held my hand

they are all my poems.

Now she's gone but I'm happy,

at least she gave me a few days to love her,

a few days to remember that

once I was loved too by someone

the girl I'll never forget

and those few days of our love is enough for me

to write about her forever.

That's all.

I'm really grateful to all of you guys

for supporting my words.

Next Year I'll Publish my First Book.

So stay with me and read on to learn more

about my work.

I’d love to hear from you.

_ srd


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